Modern day nutritionists and medical researchers have just started to discover the truths about living a naturally and healthy life, which Dr. Nick Dordevic, who was born in Eastern Europe has been advocating and expounded since the early 1970's. As a young man, Dr. Dordevic has had some serious health issues, that at the time, the medical understanding of his ongoing health issues were either foreign to the the medical community or still trying to understand his complex issues. Tired of being sick all the time, he started to do his own research into his malaise and in 1967 moved from Germany to the United States with his wife to find a better life and try to further his education. Guided and inspired by the teachings and world renowned alternative health doctors; Dr. John Christopher,Dr. Norman W. walker, Doctors William and Oscar Boerricke, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Rudolf Breuss and countless others, Dr. Dordevic has found and concluded that a healthier, happier and a longer quality of life was achieved only through proper diet, nutrition, emotional/mental and spiritual soundness. With that in mind, Dr. Dordevic's life these last 35 years has been not to only practice what he preaches, but to teach, educate and help his patients come to achieve their own healing through this process.

       Dr. Dordevic specializes in Botanical Medicine. As a board certified Naturopathic Practitioner, his continues to pursue a non-invasive, non-surgical, non-medical and drug free practice. He has received his Masters In Herbology, his Doctorate in Nutritional Medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health. He currently resides in Northern California with his wife of 35 plus years, Mima Dordevic, an educator in her own right. They have three grown children and several grand children. Dr. Nick Dordevic's passion is to continue to assist those who are not only seeking and alternative to traditional medicine, but are looking for real solutions to their own health issues.

As a Naturopathic Doctor Nick Dordevic specializes in the following:

* Family health concerns and issues

* Naturopathic medicine

* Uses orthomolecular medicine
* Treats gastro-intestinal disorders
* Tests for heavy and toxic metals in the body
* Treats with chelation oral therapy
* Treats with immune enhancing therapies
* Diet and/or nutrtional counseling
* Treats both male and female  hormonal disorders
* teaches stress management and many other techniques and proceedures

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